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Oct 11, 2007
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Tonight I saw a smartdisk photobank at a store 40G for 41Bucks. I thought this might be an error in price so I scanned it it rang at 41 bucks so I bought it. Brought it home and I see some online for 129, also I see 80G for 129 at the cheap stores. It seams like a good deal. Battery powered Photo card copier. Anyone have any input on these?

Here is the 80 Gig version at BH*&bhs=t
Where did U find it at? I want one for that kind of money :)
I found it at the BX(Base Exchange) on Fort Gordon. But they are all over the interenet for the same price. They range from 129-200 at retail stores, but Ebay and other sources they are less then 40. Apparently they are not real good, the LCDs go bad and they say they had to format the hard drive. It feels like an actual hard drive that spins, I'm betting they bumped it while it was loading a card

Thanks for the info. I am a geek, if nothing else I want to rob the HD out of it if the critter turns out to be temperamental :)
For me, I was looking at the 250GB Wolverine to do that job.

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