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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by zbo2408, Jun 4, 2009.

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    I've had my Canon XSi (first DSLR) with 18-55 and 55-250 since Christmas of 08 and I'm loving it! But I am feeling the need for a better flash and a polarizing filter.

    I'm thinking the 430 EXII is going to be the way to go for me ... The next better canon brand flash is 120 bucks more and I don't think that money would be well spent on my amateur photography right now. . .

    Something I would really really like would be to use the flash off of the camera ... ie it sitting to the side of a subject and the camera angled from it ... but this doesn't sound possible unless I purchase some additional hardware. Is this correct or am I missing something?

    Is there a better flash than the 430 EXII or something comprable in the price range I should look at before buying it ?

    On the polarizing filter ... BHPhotovideo has 2 58mm canon polarizing filters Polarizer Filters | B&H Photo Video
    There is a 35 dollar price difference and I cannot see anything different about these two filters ... can anyone help me out on this?

    Thanks for any and all input !

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    Correct on the flash off camera. You would need some kind of wireless trigger. the Cactus brand V2s or newer V4 from gadget infinity are very popular in the strobist community. You might want to also visit strobist.com to look at the lighting 101 and 102 sections.

    The 430 EXII is a good flash. You will be happy with it for what you are doing. You can add a vivitar 285 later on 2 get a 2 light setup. They are about $90. For now, the Canon will give you a good option for both on and off camera flash.

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