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Dec 14, 2005
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No one answered this?
Looks good and I have a question or two?
How many photos? Did you use Photomatix?
The reason I ask is that the flames obviously moved between exposures so did you use ghost reduction and pick a photo out of the x many shot to remove the ghosts? Thats what I do now and I'm curious.
Sorry to be so late. I was occupied for a bit. No, this was taken in Raw, different exposure levels set in RawTherapee, and then recombined in Luminance to make a fake HDR. My Pentax K3 has enough exposure latitude to cover a shot like this quite nicely.

I didn't think about your solution, which would also have been very good.

HDR as it should be done! Very nice.

Thanks. I like a more natural result. I do admire the effects that some people can get with overcooked HDR, but I don't seem to like my attempts as much as a more natural treatment.

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