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Jan 18, 2006
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Port Angeles, WA
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It started snowing today and after thinking that I could have a great day tomorrow if we got any amount of snow I realized all I have is black and white. I also dont have any money so getting color film is out of the question.

Ive never taken pictures of the snow with black and white. How do you think it will turn out? Normally when I take photos in the snow the main interest of the shot, at least in my opinion, are the colorful trees to go along with whatever is covered in show. I like the color and the snow. The color plays a bigger role for me.

What are some things I should do, or not do, when it comes to take photos of snow with black and white?

Also, there really isnt a promise of snow. Right now we have a nice dusting but it is snowing slightly and the forecast is calling for more. At least 2-4 inches, possibly more. Around here thats a lot. For snow. When it comes to rain however thats another story:)
No need for that. It stopped snowing in the middle of the night and today was a bright and sunny day. Its actually warm out there. So much for that storm.
Remember that your exposure meter, if you read the snow, will suggest an exposure that will place the snow in Zone 5 [18% grey.] If grey snow is not your thing, adjust exposure accordingly.

Also: when in doubt, bracket.

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