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Jul 19, 2007
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I took this shot a couple of weeks ago - I liked it because of the orange tree leaves showing through the snow covered branches. Comments welcome - remember all I have is a low end P&S camera with no adjustment settings. Thanks.;)

Gorgeous- when I first looked at it, I wondered what it would look like if the contrast and brightness were changed, but then I remembered what a regular winter day looks like, and this is actually quite perfect!

I like the tracks going around that tree....
Thanks for the comments. I'm still amazed at the leaves that were hanging to the trees here in PA. in late November, And then when this snow fell the color just added to the beauty.

Sorry about the image size. I keep forgetting that photo bucket size limit is larger than TPF's and when I put them on photo bucket I don't always plan to post them here. Oh well. I'll get it one of these days. Thanks again.
I love the shot, especially how you used the evergreens on the side for framing. The only thing I'd do is play with levels a little bit to get rid of some of the haze in the middle of the image. That way the orange of the leaves will even be more visible.
Good composition, looks like a better camera would of benefitted you however.
Thanks everyone. Yes, a better camera would be nice - hoping maybe Santa will bring me a DSLR or at least a better P&S. :lol:

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