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Feb 28, 2009
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New one here. I am a picture nut. Right now I can only point and shoot. But I wanting to learn and understand. Taken pictures all my life. Then life got in the way for a way but I am ready to spend time understanding the basics. My goal to take good pictures and figure what was right and wrong about it.
So I took these early one cloudy morning this week.
How could get a better focus on black horses with white background.?


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Not seeing any photos, just red x's.
Sorry the idiot-proof instructions were exactly idiot proof. This is the other picture I wanted to post

The horse pictures are a little bluury and the snow looks a little blue. I love the landscape picture. It looks a little crooked though.
:lol: Love the reason you gave for editing the message.

That landscape shot is gorgeous, it would make a pretty jigsaw puzzle. That said, it does look like the horizon is tipped a little to the left.

You said you're using a point & shoot camera, does it have a shutter priority setting? If so, you need to set it to a faster shutter speed to stop the motion of the horses and then they won't be blurred.
Good shots. If you are just starting out, take a look at custom white balancing. If you get a grey card device and use it to calibrate your white balance before shooting in the snow, I think you will be much happier with the pictures. It will make a large difference in the quality of your shots. Snow is a lot of white for the camera to measure. You may actually have to do custom white balancing and then use some exposure compensation to overexpose the picture a bit to get your exposure looking right. It's a little work, but you will love the results. Keep shooting. Its an addiction. :)

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