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Jul 17, 2007
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Anyone got any photo's from the nice little storm going across the midwest states and southern Canada?
I do and will get a few more here in a bit, and post back soon with better ones hopefully.
We have a ton of snow coming down now and just seen and heard thunder and lightning-too cool, a white Christmas maybe?
Not a great shot-takin from my front porch at 4 AM.

was the light really that red?

thansk for sharing anyway. wish we had snow here!
Nope, the light wasn't that red, the picture came out like that? Still learning with the camera, and with the snow coming down I was trying to stay away from it so the camera wouldn't get wet-:)
I have some more pictures here, haven't had time to go threw them yet.
We got about 12 inches of snow that day and 5 days later it was raining and took the snow all away. Welcome to winter in Southeren Ontario, Canada-wait 5 minutes and the weather will change-:)
It snowed all day on christmas here where I live :) made my day.
Weather up here is a crap shoot until January. It turned out to be a white Christmas here with an inch on the ground, which is now gone as well-:)
Weird weather up here the last couple of years anyway.

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