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Dec 22, 2019
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As the title states, I am wondering what the craziest film stock you have seen/owned/heard of is. From my great great grandfather I have something called XR Extended Range Film, Expired May 02 1969. Until recently I had no clue whatsoever what this film was, just that it was old, and probably black and white. I posted on reddit asking if anyone had any ideas of how i should shoot this roll, and someone managed to track down a research paper on this film. Apparently it is NOT black and white, it is C-22 color, but with a twist. The film was used in the Manhattan project, and instead of the color of the negative being determined by the wavelength of the light, it would be determined by the intensity. I think this is the coolest film ever, but I bet you folks have seen weird and cooler ones than that. I'll post pictures of the roll and the box in a reply, because I don't have those pictures on my computer.


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That is so cool. I don’t think I would shoot it.
Just detonate a homebrew low-yield nuclear device and find out!
Or just visit your local nuke power plant and ask to take pictures of the core, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.
I've seen and own various odd films but that is a new one on me. Neat.
Do not develop that with Holy Water ... and probably cannot be shot during daylight.
Film Photography Podcast's mission has always been to bring fun to film photography. Their marketing might be occasionally goofy but their aim is to keep film a valid medium. In that regard, they've done well IMHO. People buy their stuff. They've done serious work in sourcing and selling oddball materials and formats.

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