Snowy Panorama

Tony S

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May 23, 2011
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Eatonville, Washington
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Created this image from several different shots and handstitched in PSCS4. The images were taken on a tripod early in the morning before sunrise when it really did look bluish out and it was still lightly snowing. I liked the mood of it so only did a minor adjustment to it. This is just over a 180 degree view. The spot I was standing in was at the "T" in the road where my driveway comes off of it, the tracks on the left are actually a continuation of the ones barely visible on the right. (left side looking due east, right side looking WNW). Unfortunately I did not get out early enough before the kids drove through and the paper was delivered.

It's too blue for my tastes. You can always clone out the tire tracks. I would edit out the bottom 20% of the image anyway.
It's not bad.

The nagging problem with posting panoromas here is you really don't get the full impact of the images because of size restrictions.
I agree with the level of blue in your image - it's a bit much for my taste.
I understand what you're saying about it really having a bluish tint, but it's just coming across way too strong.

Since your status says photos are okay to edit, I did a VERY quick PS skills are not that great, plus I didn't really spend any time on this, so the cloning job is pretty sloppy, and I actually didn't adjust the color as much as I might have if it were my photo. But to me, something like this still shows that original "bluish" tint that early morning snow scenes can have without going quite so far overboard.
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Snow is great. I kind of want to go out and do some nice shots myself, but im at work and it will be dark by the time Im off.

Great job,
I can see what people are saying with the blue, and toning it back a bit couldn't hurt but I wouldn't to much either.
Very nice, I love snowy photos. It's such a shame, that this winter there is no snow in my place ;/

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