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    So, are there any So. Cal. wedding photographers looking for a second shooter this summer?

    I have been using this site and a few others to work on my photographic skills. While 90% of what I have been working on is sports, I think shooting at weddings would be a great tool to help hone my skills and expand the portfolio a bit. However, its not something I want to jump in to solo. I think I could do a great job, but its a big risk for someone's big day, and the most common advice for weddings is go work with a seasoned pro. (I already turned down some friends). I have helped out at two others, but the Pro I shoot with is a Sports Photographer and does not do weddings very often. A little about my self, I'm an operations manager for a medical tool manufacture (so I'm not posting this to pay the bills). I have all my own equipment that I'm willing to use, D200, 28-70 2.8 lens, 70-200 vr lens, a bunch others (a 85 1.4 oh so soon :)), SB800, and my own studio equipment (got to love the AB's). So if any one has a need, send me a private message and we can go from there. I can also post some examples of past work on my personal web site.

    I hope this is appropriate to post here.



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