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So do we get parties at 500?


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Aug 3, 2006
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Oakdale, TN
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Or do I have to wait for 1,000? :D

I know I'm not one of the most popular members here, but I'm having a lot of fun anyway. ;)
Hey, having fun is what it's all about! I'm sure we can whip up a party for ya.


... oops :oops: cream - not party. Sorreeeeee ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

Happy 500!
No need to apologize...one can always use whipped cream. I'll go look for some strawberries.
Wow..didn't know it was going to turn into THIS kind of party... :blushing: lol
Well, the first pictures I found when I looked up "whipping" in Google DID suggest it was going to be "that kind of" party!!!!!!! :eyebrows: :sexywink: - Me being me, though, I changed the words to "whipped cream" and voilà ... everything harmless again :biggrin:
Your good Lafoto!! I need to get my mind out of the gutter,,,

OH and yes... it is that kind of party..tee he

Well, I had a semi party for 1000 I think..but not for 500. I dono man. Perhaps I went too fast past 500 lol.
Of course you can have a party - if you buy the drinks.

(Chase provides a case of champagne when you hit 10,000)
You didn't find it?
It was put in the usual place... But I suppose we can't expect a talking penguin in a silly hat to be clever enough to find it without help :greenpbl:

Hmmmpf. A poor excuse for a cover story. You know you nicked it.... I saw you buying strawberries and chuckling to yourself.

"Judge, Hertz stole my case!"

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