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Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by panocho, May 29, 2007.

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    a few days ago I posted a kind of "challenge" to see whether your arguments could convince me to doing otherwise on my provisional decision of buying a D100 over a D70. I had expected most of the opinions in favor of the D70, as it actually happened. And you were even close to convincing me, but let me tell you that finaly I've decided to keep with the D100, and that's the one I'll buy.

    First of all, thanks so much for your "attempts", 'cause that was precisely what I needed in order to eliminate every doubt (it's not good buying something with the shadow of a doubt... "I am really doing what I really want...?"). And now, I'll explain how I decided, in case someone can benefit from my thoughts and research (it may sound strange that there's still people, like myself, considering buying an "old" D100 or D70, but that seems to be the case, according to the number of bids at ebay).

    I'll start with the idea (more or less Rockwell's, f.e.) that the D70 is a superior camera in every way. I think that is not true. I can perfectly understand that many might consider it better, but definitely not as clearly as some put it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have made this decision.

    The point is: both the two cameras have certain things that the other cannot offer. Basically, the D70 some technical improvements that the D100 couldn't have simply because it's about 2 year older. And the D100, the fact of being a semi-pro body, the D70 being an amateur one.

    Among all the differences they have, I sticked to the following ones, and simply disregarded the rest just because FOR ME they didn't matter at all. And the ones that did matter where the ones that helped me decide. These are:

    -The D100 has a metal structure, whereas the D70 is plastic: this one is not essential for me, but I do feel more confidant with the D100 (This is one of the differences that have to do with the D100 being a semi-pro, so the D70 does not surpass it "in every way").

    -The D70 goes up to 1/8000, and the D100 "only" reaches 1/4000: FOR ME this is minor; my experience tells me so. My main film body does 1/8000 and I realized I hardly go that fast, so doesn't matter much.

    -The D70 has 1/500 as flash-syncro, and the D100 only 1/180: this is the one difference that I'm really going to miss. It does matter for me, and it's a pitty I'm going to have only 1/180, but then it's the only pro of the D70 that really weights.

    -The D70 is remote controlled by infrared, and the D100 by screw-in cable (unless you get the vertical grip). Supposedly and advantage for the D70, the point goes actually to the D100. Why? Well, I'm not planning to buy the infrared remote, and I already have the cable. I only use that when shooting with tripod, so really prefer the cable (by the way, it was a surprise the first time I saw a dSLR using screw-in cables!!)

    -The D100 has in-camera buttons to select metering system and AF (continuous/single), whereas the D70 does that through the menu: This really matters to me. I change metering quite often, and it would be really annoying having to go through the menus all the time! A few days ago someone posted explaining he had missed a nice picture arriving late after having to get through the menus to change AF mode. Well, another one that differentiates a semi-pro nice body to an amateur one that saves expenses here and there.

    -Flash system: the D70 supposedly has it much better (i-TTL), but for me that doesn't really apply. It's the other way round: i-TTL will only work with the built-in flash (which I will only use in case of some emergency) or the newer and expensive flashguns which I don't plan buying (had I 300 more to expend, I would start considering the D200). So the main advantage on flash system doesn't count with my circumstances.

    -The D100 has "real" DOF preview, whereas the D70 will only do it with CPU lenses (and I intend using non-CPU as well)

    ...and then I don't remember whether the D70 has mirror lock-up, but let's leave it here.

    To sum up, both have pros and cons, basically for being newer/older and "inferior"/"superior" range models. To me, the advantages that the D100 DOES have weight more that those of the D70. After all, an in-camera button to change from matrix metering to spot matters more than an i-TTL flash control system that I wouldn't be able to benefit from.

    That's it. On the paper the D100 is a great camera and I am really looking forward to see it for myself. I'm sure that the D70 would make me very happy as well, but some had to be the chosen one, and that's the D100.

    I hope all this can help someone -and thanks to you all for your patience and advices!

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    At least you're happy.

    That drives me up a friggin wall on my D70. What sucks is that I run into that almost every day I go out shooting. That and CCD blooming. Does the D100 have that? I think it's only the D70, D50, and D40's with the electronic shutter.

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