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Nov 25, 2007
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Pentax K100D "Super" Kit w/ Pentax 18-55mm smc P-DA F3.5-5.6 Zoom
and Quantaray 70-300 mm f/4.0-5.6 for $500 shipped. Decent deal with both lenses?

I know the Quantaray isn't a great lens, in fact it might be mediocre at best. But the next best deal was $60
less and came with only the kit lens. It sells for $130-$150 online. So for $60 bucks I'm sure it will be fine if I
don't plan on shooting action. And, I'm just in it for amateur fun.

I went this route because My old Canon Rebel G 35mm kicked the bucket.
Which leads to my next question. What would be a decent used Pentax 35mm body
that I could share lenses with?

I use a Pentax ME Super which I believe uses K-mount lenses. I do like it alot, although doing multi. exposures is a pain compared to the Nikon FM2 I also use and it's film-doesn't-advance lever. All in all it's a good body I'm not afraid to use.
As for your purchase, I'm not up on digital prices, but from what I've seen other similiar cameras and lens kits going for I'd be happy with it. Kyle
The 100D seems to be a really nice camera. I have an IST DS as well as the new k10D and am very happy with both.
Both lenses will be nice "beater" lenses. The kit is actually a fair piece of glass. I think it will serve you well.

As for film cameras, check out an old manual ME Super as Conan suggested. You should be able to find a good used one on ebay for less than $75. I also have an *ist 35mm that I got just before the 2 DSLRs and all of the controls are in similar locations and it's an easy transition between the 3. I think it ran about $300 new and didn't seem to have a long life as far as production but is pretty feature rich. You might still find a few camera shops that have them new. Not sure, but the ME super is a nice buy for a full manual camera. Good to see a fellow pentax shooter.
If you want to send me any of your EOS lenses from your Rebel days I'd be very happy to take them off of your hands if they are going to collect dust anyways (I don't have any money, but like I said.......... if they are just going to collect dust anyways?).
:) Can't blame ya for trying, but I'm gonna hang on to them for a bit. If I get back in to this hobby and stay with it, I may jump to a 30D or 40D and then I can use my $2000 worth (when they were bought) of lenses. I'm sure you're thinking "why didn't you just get a Canon DSLR"??

1. I just wanted to try something different
2. I don't care for the XT or XTi platforms but love the heft of the 40D.
3. Until the last year or so, I've jumped hobbies like every 3-4 months when I get bored. Didn't want to spend $1000+ on a body if I'm not gonna hang. I've been doing competition pistol shooting for the last year pretty agressively but the cost of ammo is getting out of hand. This seems (believe it or not) less expensive and more relaxing.
4. Innternal Dust removal system (yes I know not full proof), Image Stabalization, and bigger LCD (XT), stronger body.
5. Because I'm spontanious!
6. Because you want to send your lenses to me.

Okay...... NOW you can blame me for trying.

No seriously, the Pentax system is a great and capable setup. Good luck with it (and if you ever want to send me even your cheapest lens, as a starving 17 year old, I will happily accept).

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