So I went Ice Fishing...


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May 30, 2011
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Simcoe, Ontario
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I've been playing around with this picture a few times but I'm never happy with the edits I do. It was pretty far away and I honestly can't remember if it was shot through a window...or I was outside. (It was quite the fishing trip ;D ) It is just a snap shot but every time I look at this...I just try and figure this building out LOL

Any suggestions on how to "fix" this photo? I use Paintshop Pro x3

This is a complete original photo...

Thanks for looking!
Looks like it could use a degree or two rotation to the left...
Ya...sorry..I forgot to mention that I needed to straighten it. It was an interesting fishing trip and I had to straighten almost all of my photos LOL This is a completely unedited photo so I'm not surprised it's a bit crooked lol
Not bad. (the original)

I think the horizon in the center works okay, because the shanties run through it connecting the sky and the ice.
I like the shanties centered as well. It's the whole, "facing each other" thing. Almost like they are having a conversation.

This image would have benefitted from shifting your perspective to the left, further centering the shanties between the land masses.
Tightening up the various symmetry all around for a simple, clean and neat image.
sooooo, what was the beverage of choice on this "fishing" trip.

Actually a new favourite lol Bought some Banana liqueur on vacation in Cuba...and grape juice. Then it was gone... :(

damn you canadians and your free ability to go to cuba !

at least i can go to the dr.

i get banana liquor there too though :)

but the flights are SO cheap and only 3 hours from YYZ to HAV .... uuughghhghgh

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