So I've been given the green light....yay for me.


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Aug 24, 2008
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Wausau, Wisconsin
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I've been given the go ahead from the boss to get the D90. It only took Dinner and a few cocktails.:lol:

In a couple weeks I'll be making the purchase, unless the prices go up.
I would make that purchase ASAP. Rumour has it (well, not rumour, but it's on the front page of that Nikon prices are set to rise soon.
agreed - the falling values of the ÂŁ and US $ mean that camera prices are going up at the moment - I would not wait weeks if you have access to the money.

Though some people think that the downturn might lead to a crash in the value of the Yen as export sales drop - but I would not wait for that to occur- like all things in a recession nothing is ever certain

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