So there I went, dreaming, past ... (now with photo attached)


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Feb 1, 2004
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... the speed control camera that I actually know so well it is there, only this time I did not pay attention to anything at all - until the red flash woke me from my reveries :(.
Bummer. :grumpy:
Depends on how much I'll have to pay whether I'll be able to get myself the 50mm 1.8 lens any time soon now (1.4 would be even nicer, but ... hey, that one is four times as dear!), or if that will have to wait.
(Mind: I wasn't going ridiculously fast, only just too fast).
Awwww thats a shame Corinna! Hopefully its not a big fine! At least you don't have to go to court or anything...:blushing:
Ouch! I've so far not been caught. Which is a miracle because I'm usually running late and am therefore, *cough*exceeding-the-limit*cough*.
I have come by that speed control thingy about 100 times so far and have always paid attention and slowed down so it would not feel inclined to shoot a photo that in the end will be an exceedingly expensive (for the quality it is going to have!) black and white portrait of me behind the steering wheel :roll: - only on Tuesday I was happily cruising, not so very fast, like I said, but still too fast, and dreaming and thinking of many other things but this box --- and then there was that red flash.

I think I might end with some € 30.- fine or so, but the photo is NOT WORTH ITS PRICE! They don't even FRAME it!!! :grumpy:
Personally... no sympathy from me. (ok just a little) hehe.

But honestly, I think that if you're not paying attention enough to notice the speed camera or keep under the speed limit then you deserve a fine.
I'm not looking for excuses!
I know I was day-dreaming while driving, so actually, I, too, think that I deserve it.
And yet the picture's quality usually does not warrant the PRICE they charge!
Do you think so!?!?!?
Once I get it, I might scan it so you can be my co-judges.
But I have been "caught" once before (only once, mind, in 25 years of driving), and that pic wasn't worth the price, either! :greenpbl:
Speeding is the reason I no longer drive. I like to go fast.
uhhh shame Corinna :p I once was stopped by the police for......... having snow on my roof... (!!!) And I was just 200 meters from my home! I intentionally didn't throw it off my roof because I knew it would fall off in a few meters.... and this in the reason why the stopped me... they told me that the snow could have fallen on... passer-by or cause damage to he other cars... PFFFF... but thankfully they didn't charge me :p
mentos. Seriously. That's not cool. that's possible the most dangerous thing for other cars. Could imagine being completely blind for the seconds it takes you to find the windshield wiper? Someone stops infront of you, someone walks infront of your car. The light goes red?
it's illegal to drive with snow on your car?

Please excuse my ignorance - but it doesn't snow where I come from. :)
If your car roof is covered with a "hat" of snow (the amount of several inches), you are asked to brush it off so it won't fall off by itself helped by the wind while you are driving (and maybe right into someone else's windscreen). As far as I know, it is a matter of common sense and courtesy to other motorists to brush your roof clear before you set out just SO it won't fall off by itself, but it may well also be a regulation. I would never leave any snow on the roof of my car, unless it were only a sprinkling.
I'm pretty sure it's illegal here in Canada. Not really such a large offense, but there's still a penalty.
damn, this stuff is crazy. With the Fast and the Furious: TOkyo Drift coming out yesterday stuff has gone down hill already.

Where I live, we have the hoon nights every Thursday night at various McDonalds around the city. I am not a hoon (come on a KIA??) but some of my friends have hotted up cars, BUT they only drive crazy at the speed way. None of us have been booked for anything. I go to these hoon nights maybe once a month so I keep a pretty good grasp of what going on in the car world. Because this is a hoon movie, last nights meet ups were cancelled, and everyone went to the essentially we moved the meet up from MCDonalds to the cinema.

Anyway...what a movie, amazing amazing amazing. I learnt how to drift a few months ago at the speedway so I was in awe of the movie. But after the movie I could just tell it was a bad idea to call off hoon night. They all went out to their cars, revved em up and went speeding off.

What do you know!, 5 am this morning there are cops and ambulances everywhere. 3 kids (all go to the same school where a grade 12 student committed suicide last week), yes kids they were 15 yo and I've seen them at a hoon night before, stole a car, tried drifting around a notorious bend. One is dead the others, ditch the dead one and run off...

Kinda hate the movie now. Hasn't been a good week where I live.
bace said:
I'm pretty sure it's illegal here in Canada. Not really such a large offense, but there's still a penalty.

I didn't know that... echhh.. but now I know... but I had only 5 cm of snow on my roof! it's less than my smallest finger on my hand!

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