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Aug 10, 2005
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I haven't had a smoke since yesterday at like 10:30pm.

I'm not even really phased that much.

I think I'm gonna quit.

Right now.
:boogie: Go Bace...:boogie: Go Bace! :boogie:

That would be a great habit to loose...and think how much better you will smell and taste! :er: (I meant how food tastes to you)

I really don't, however I don't like kissing ashtrays
DO IT! DO IT! Cast down your evils! Get behind me Satan!!!

Whoa. What just happened? I need to go have a... I won't say it! Good luck, I lasted 2 years then had one, then another, then another. I wish you all the best and hope you can do it! If you feel like having one post here instead.
I'm not gonna be able to go out much. The hardest thing for me is gonna be drinking and not smoking. I've quit in the past and as soon as I have a few beers I'm like "I can have just ONE cigarette", which is never the case.

In my case it's not the only thing I can't say no too. So not drinking would be a good idea on many levels.
kelox said:
You're weak, you'll never quit.
I mean good luck on quitting.

Your psychology is working well.

Although I may just have a smoke just to spite you.
That's it. I'm definatly never smoking again. You twisted little man.
kelox said:
come on bro, meet me outside. i'm going for a smoke right now. don't you want to visit just one of your little nicotine filled buddies?????????

Never again. I'm convincing myself as I type that from this point on, I'm a non smoker. I realized that I don't even remember what that's like. I was 15 when I started smoking. 10 years of being a smoker. That's a long time. I completely forget what life is like without thinking about smoking every 30mins.

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