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Oct 28, 2007
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i was wondering anyone shoot youth soccer able to help on lens questions. what do you use. i have a son in U4 and daughter in U8 and while the U8 is easier to shoot i find the U4 almost impossible. im always switching between my two lenses or standing way back to get all the action in the shot.
I shot pro soccer a few times and used a 70-200 and a 300 prime. I could only get nice face shots when they were at half field (I was at the goal line).

I shot a friends 12 year old at her soccer game and used a 70-200 only. I was a few feet from the sidelines. The only time I was unable to get good shots was when they were right in front of me.

Can you post up some shots that you did? Maybe you are actually not zooming in enough? People have a tendency to zoom out...which is how we mostly shoot with a P&S
80-400, 100-300mm f/4, 300mm prime, 400mm prime, 28-70 for sideline action.

Soccer and other field sports can be photographed with short,medium,long, or super-long lenses, depending on where you are standing in relation to the action. It takes a bit of planning and thought and analysis to think about the type of shots you want to come home with, where the light is coming from, and what the background looks like with each lens focal length.
its not zooming in that i have the issue with. between zoom and crop i can get the image i want from across the field. its just when they get closer it gets bad. i can not get enough of the action. i need a wider lens. i think the issue is that size of the U4 field is not very big. maybe 20ft x 40ft or so i have been using the 35-80 that i have and just croping them. its looking better. i will post a few once i get home. im actually looking at the 18-200 or 18-135 from canon in hopes that that will be wide enough for the U4 games and can zoom in good enough for the other games.

here is one of them from side line. 71mm

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