Soccer shots


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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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With the new 70-300, c n c welcome. Ive done no PP yet so perhaps the WB is off.


Nice shots. It seems as though the focus is centered at their ankles. Not quite sure but the focus seems to be off slightly or maybe it's just my eyes.
i like the first one. lots of action and weird poses. my only gripe would be that 2 and 3 seem to aimed a bit low. i would put the ball more along the 25-33% height line instead of 50% like it is here.

if u dont mind me asking, what settings did u use and what kinda 70-300 lens?
The first one is great!! The blue player on the left is in a CRAZY position... The others look like they would benefit from some PP sharpening..

(Also, your sig lists a Nikkon lens... Might wanna change that to Nikkor or Nikon..)
i agree that a bit of PP would help but these are jpeg straight out the camera.
Its a 70-300 Nikon VR F4.5. As far as settings go i used the widest aperture as it was a bit o cast. Mostly shot at 1/1000th and i was using the higest iso. Perhaps i could have got away with a lower shutter and lower iso but i doubt if i could have freezed the action. But this was mu first ever sports attempt

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