Winter pictures with my new wide angle lens


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Jul 17, 2008
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Hi guys, I bought myself a sigma 10-20mm for Christmas, so I went out to take some pictures when I was back in Norway. My computer crashed at the same time, so I forgot about them until I got myself a new computer this week! So in other words, I haven't had much time for photography lately. But please tell me what you think, any suggestions and tips are always welcome!

I used my Nikon D100, with a circ polarizer.



yes nice shots. Your sensor is dirty, im assuming u shot these at quite a small aperture?
That's right, Rob. F14, 1/20s, iso200 (lowest setting).

So my sensor is dirty.. thanks for pointing that out! any particular place you see it? I'm searching what I can do with it now..
I do not see the sensor dirt but if you want to clean it on a D100 you will need to buy a power supply that lets you plug it into the wall. IT is the only way you can get the mirror and shutter to lock open. Once it is open it is a easy job to clean. To see where the dust is, take a shot at a small aperture and shoot the blue sky. IT will pop out as black spots usually.
mostly its visible on the sky in 2. nice shots tho.u may be able to just use a blower with the mirror up. i did with mine but im no expert so be careful and check out whats best! nice shots tho
I can see some things now, yes! I'm living in the desert, so it wouldnt surprise me if there is some dust on my sensor. Reading in the manual confirmed what you said Rob. I might just take it to a Nikon authorized shop and ask them to do it.


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