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Dec 19, 2007
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Hello Everyone,
I'm new here and also to the Photography world. I'm in search or shall I say in need with some help finding the software needed. What I'm trying to do it setup my home studio and i have the following equipment:

1. Nikon D40X

2. Computer

3. USB cable to transfer picture from Camera to PC.

What I'm trying to do is set this up so that when I take a photo shot, its automatically shows up on the computer screen.

Can and share what software I will need to get this in order to get this to work correctly.

Hey Destiny-luv,

I'm a noob as well, but have take the advice of others and purchased Adobe CS3. I use Photoshop alot.

Look for PHotoshop photo editing plugs as well.

I also use ACDSee Pro for image cataloging/mgt.
Thanks DBlack I use photoshop alot as well, so i guess i'll have to look into this and see how to get this to work...

Thanks once again.

Welcome to the forum

I think the software you are looking for is called Nikon Capture.

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