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Nov 6, 2015
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I do a lot of close up women/family photos & I am looking for a software for touching up/Photoshop enhancement? Still learning so I think I would need one user friendly. So many to choose from any thoughts?
Wow that is a lot cheaper than light room and the screen shots look about the same.

I use light room for 99% and photoshop elements 13 for the times I need to move a car or something. I like them both a lot.
If you do a lot of work and plan on doing this work as a business you may want to consider the Lightroom/Photoshop deal for $10/month.
Both of these products have a wealth of features, some of which are complex and take a lot of learning. BUT! They also have easy to use tools and there is a huge amount of free information on the web. Once you have them you have all you will ever need for post-processing. Later you can add apps to PS that will do special touches like skin .
Two important points. One is, you pay by the month and if it turns out it's not for you then you just stop.
Also, it's tax deductible so if you make 10 bucks a month you've paid for it......

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