1. shutterbug883

    International travel backpack

    Hey forum members, I'm gearing up for an international trip and in need of some advice on a new backpack camera bag. Currently rocking a Kata, but I'm running out of space. Planning to carry my DSLR with a 105 mm lens attached, two extra lenses, a flash, and my laptop. Since I'll be...
  2. H

    Solution for gear carrying setup (harness) on weddings/events

    Hi! My routine is shooting events with one camera with 35 or 85 lens on a neck strap and with other lens(es) and backup camera in a bag over my shoulder. I know that it is not the most comfortable way of working for a whole day and that's why I decided that I would invest in a different...
  3. S

    Bag Insert for Nikon 200-500 lens?

    Anybody know of a insert that fits the Nikon 200-500mm plus FF camera, a 700-200mm, and the Tamaron 15-30mm 2.8. Or would I need a separate sleeve or insert for the 200-500mm. It would need to fit in a 65 or 75L bag. Thank you
  4. nerwin

    SOLD! Think Tank Streetwalker Camera Bag

    I've been planning on selling this bag anyways and now that I no longer need it figured I'll try to sell it here. As you know, Think Tank makes incredible bags, very high quality. This one is barely used, I mean I never took it outside because I could never get comfortable with it and it's more...
  5. katsrevenge

    Mid sized Camera Bag?

    I'm looking for a bag that isn't too big.. but isn't too small either! I need a bag that can hold a D5200 with a smaller zoom attached, as well as one other lens and maybe a lens hood. Think a kit zoom and say, a 35mm prime. Nothing crazy. Little pockets to hold my keys/phone or a water bottle...
  6. stillbinary

    Peak Design Everyday Messenger bag

    Been using it for the last few days since I got it and I'm well impressed with its ease of use and versatility. It really is a well thought bag. Here's an unboxing and overall presentation video of the bag: Having just travelled from Asia to Europe with the bag I will soon do a more in...