[Solved] How the noise is related to shutter speed ..


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Oct 29, 2020
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help me please understand how this works ..

please look on the Exposure Latitude comparison in here Nikon D7200 Review

How is please related a noise that we can see increasing from 0EV to 6EV (darker to brighter scenery) to shutter speed ? I always thought that noise is NOT related to EV, eg here it's obvious, that

0EV scenery with 1/5 shutter (assuming the exposure is correct +/-0) has much lesser noise
6EV scenery with 1/320 shutter (assuming same about exposure) has much more noise

so based on the above, ND filter which will decrease the EV will also remove the noise ?

I'd expect that with longer shutter speed with same iso there will be more noise ... this just confuses me a lot ..

thanks for helping me out to understand to it ..

regards, dan

ps. I have specifically D7200
pps. omg it hits me hard :D .. 0EV scenery (blue hour in the night) has much lesser noise on pictures above on slow shutter (1/5) than brigh scenery with +6EV and 1/320 shutter ..
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With 1/5 you will require a lower ISO, resulting in less noise on your image.

please reread my question and look on the images comparison as I've outlined above .. there is always ISO 100 and shutter speed is adjusted accordingly to match exposure ... eg 0EV scenery has 1/5 shutter and 6EV scenery has 1/320 shutter ... ISO is same on all images - 100

you can find it also here if you have difficulties with finding that on linked page above
With 1/5 you will require a lower ISO, resulting in less noise on your image.
solved .. taking back ... I've downloaded those RAWs ..

in the preview the exposure is compensated ... so actually it's the same composure captured darker and darker ..

thanks so much and regards, dan

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