Need help identifying my first camera (Yashica)


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Dec 20, 2020
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This is my first camera. I'm decent at framing shots and like to take pictures with my Pixel 3A. My mom recently bought me this Yashica. I know very little about film and want to find a manual for this camera or one similar. All I know at the moment is how to pop it open, how to wind up and click a shot, and how to bring it into focus.

If anyone would be willing to share good resources so I can better understand this machine I am all ears!

Here is my favorite digital shot after editing!


EDIT: So uh I've actually figured out all of the controls. Shutter speed, a timer, the film winder doohickey, and the lever. Does anyone know what the little numbers mean next to the lever? Goes up every time I shoot, it's at 8 right now and was at 0 when I started. The increments aren't full numbers though, its only going up by a half or a quarter

Edit 2: And what do the numbers mean on the rims of the lenses? Below the aperture adjustment there are white numbere from left to right ending in four and orange numbers from 2.8 to 16 with guidelines going down, and then on the focus adjustment there are more numbers.


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