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    I do a lot of long exposure after dark photography and one of my learning priorities is to get the image to appear the way I had it in my head before I pressed the shutter. Meaning no post processing. These have not been touched other than to crop in one case.





    Taken on different nights in the summer and late fall. These four happened to be taken with a 28mm manual focus legacy lens on a Sony nex-5n.

    The power poles I saw on a daytime fall walk, and had to wait several nights to be able to take the pictures I had in my head as the weather would not clear.

    The pool hall was a sidestep into an alley on a hot summer night. I saw some lights and decided to go over and take a look.

    Night after I came back from watching Last Jedi it was super foggy and it's never foggy here...I don't have weather sealed equipment so don't take pictures in the rain. But this fog was so interesting I wanted to see what I would get. Had about 10 minutes and took four images before it moved back away. I learned fog is a challenging subject to capture. Really happy with this "Jurassic" forest result, though.

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    I am always envious of night time images as it is something I have yet to try. The third one is my favourite from this set as it reminds of a pool hall I use to frequent in my misspent youth. The others do nothing for me.


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