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Oct 8, 2007
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First time posted in the B&W section...Please let me know what you guys think..Thanks












I think you posted way too many pictures.

Pick one.

Also, none of your images pop. Pick one that matters to you, and go to work on it, in the darkroom or in photoshop (can't help you there). A camera just makes an exposure, a photograph is made from a negative, not of a negative. It's not "click, hey presto, instant art!"

Invest more deeply in a single image. It's easy to get trigger happy with digital.

Your going back to the location in #5 and #9, seems to say, that you have something to say about it, even if it's just, "Hey, lookit' this, it looks cool!" # 10 has some texture, but you missed the shot, by missing the front of the car, and number 2 could be a nice shot, but needs work, needs some contrast, needs some selective dodging and burning, needs some time spent on it.

I'm not sure what your point is, with the rest of them, but it seems like so many wasted pixels. Like, what's up with #12?.....Would you put that on your wall? Which one would you put on your wall? Better yet...ask yourself which one you would pay someone else 25 dollars, to be able to put on your wall?


Oh, and with something completely unrelated to these particular images, can you tell me your first gut reaction to my critique?

My Photography lab tech, was discussing critiquing. He mentioned that when he did art, (painting and such) and received a harsh critique, he's more likely to get offended and angry if he himself knew it was crap, and he could do better when he submitted it, than if he really put his heart and soul into it. He said he really doesn't mind if people don't like the work he really put his all into, because he feels satisfied in himself.

I'm not sure I understand his feelings. You see, I've got to submit art for deadlines, like him, and when I know it's crap, and I handed whatever I had in, just to get in before the deadline, I'm not offended at all. But when I really put alot of effort into it and I get a bad review, I feel more offended.

So the question is, how did you feel about my, somewhat negative critique, and did you beleive, when you submitted this to the forum that this hodge-podge is your finest work, or did you put this stuff up knowing that this wasn't the best work you are capable of
I agree and disagree with the above post. He has some points, like some of the images seem to be too flat. But I think with some work they could be nice. Go into PS and then repost.

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