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Mar 10, 2007
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Not so long ago I used to have this fixation with shooting benches. Here are a few pics from that time...

1. Ville de Mont-Royal (Montreal)

2. Manitoba Legislature (Winnipeg)

3. Churchill Drive (Winnipeg)

Man, I'm glad that's in the past now ;)
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I love the 3rd one! Awesome tones and colors. I just wonder if a lower angle might have added a bit more to the photo?

EDIT: I'm not saying I don't like the angle as it is, I'm just throwing out ideas. :)
Nice shots, I like the third shot also.
Nice shots! I like the first one better. The third photograph is good though, but it seems too warm for my taste.
Thanks guys. I personally like the composition of #3 the best, but the colour/warmth is not right and I can't fix it.

Here's another, older one... with clearly too much bad post-processing... I can't believe I used to LOVE this pic...
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That one isn't that bad either. Looks kind of surreal and I still like #3 better, but that one is still nice.

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