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Nov 13, 2011
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Just a few quick shots i took of things when i was wondering about.
Anything would be much appreciated.

I was walking to a friend's house and saw this in someone's yard..

IMG_0390 by noiro_103, on Flickr

Some friends wanted to mock off the videogame Assassin's Creed's main character. What i ask for here, is it good for what it is?

IMG_0432 by noiro_103, on Flickr

Caught this one morning going to school.

IMG_0350 by noiro_103, on Flickr
You seem to show a good eye for details and the ability to simplify and distill the elements found in big scenes down into small, manageable "photographs"!

Looks like you might have some serious upside. At least based on these three randoms, and my assumption that you are a high school student.
your photos are in perfect focus, very crisp. I like #1 the most, it's different and unique.. and I like that it's in black and white. :)
#1. I love it, and I wouldn't change I thing. I wish I was better at "seeing" compositions like this. If you started with a color photo, maybe try a sepia version too. It might make a good theme with the 'Florida - The Sunshine State' plate.

#2. The hooded street guy thing is getting kind of old to me, but yours is well executed. Maybe trim a little off the left side, so he's centered.

#3. A pretty sunrise (or sunset) There's nothing in the foreground though, so I'd crop this to be more of a 'widescreen' shot.
Overall, I'd say you're off to a great start!

I really do like #1, but I find the branch to be a little distracting. I might fix the slightly tilted horizon as well. Nice job on the BW conversion.

#2: A common suggestion is to not center your subject; I think this is definitely an exception. Buuuuut it seems to be slightly off center; not enough to make it intentional, though. A slight crop off the bottom and left hand side would fix that.

#3: Not terrible, but not the most exciting of the three. The colors in the sky are quite lovely.

Welcome to the forum!! I hope you can learn a lot here and work on perfecting the craft. Like I said, you're off to a great start!
Derrel: Thanks! And yeah i'm in high school. I've taken a basic photography class at a community college though. Probably doesn't count for much.
Jessica: Why thank you. I try to get really sharp focus' like #1. that one was one of the winners :p I love b&w pictures.
Hashemi: Thanks.
Jeremy: Thank you. I'll try that sometime. I just try shooting from different angles.
Jess: Thanks! haha, a start at taking good photos. Yeah i realized that after i shot it, but i think it makes it look a little abstract. And on #3, I have other pictures where i up'd the contrast(but not to an unreal amount) to add some color.
Thanks again

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