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May 4, 2013
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A few shots from New Hampshire I recently took and none really feel full to me and cant quite grasp why. Can anybody help give me some constructive feedback so maybe next time I am up there I can truly grasp the full impact of the scenes.

I like the one with the roots but wish I had gone with a more wide aperture(some blur is from LR) and as for the others maybe just wrong time of day? or poor weather?



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Personally I'd bin 1 and 3, the blown out sky just ruins it for me. With 2 I'd try over processing it in post, as I think the light may end up looking really cool if you go dark and dingy. With 4 I think you need a longer shutter speed to get that silky water effect and it could be cool, but may need some more dramatic lighting as well.

I do think you've composed these pretty well and I like the use of perspective and foreground, so not far away but needs better light IMO.
I like the composition. Just a few tweeks here & there needed like weepete said. You're well on your way. But If you do plan on doing this type photography a lot I would suggest you get a Circular Polarizer and /or neutral density filters.

Edit: Ok, as for filters, I guess you can do that stuff in PS nowadays. But I'm the believer of getting it as right as you can in camera! The less time in front of the computer means more time behind the camera! LOL
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You are also having some focus issues, most likely due to camera shake. If you don't already use one, I suggest getting a tripod for these types of shots.

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