Some Mountain Landscapes & CC Please


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Sep 24, 2012
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Alberta, Canada
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P.S. I wish I hadn't have posted the first one now, I do realize the sky's blown out, and looking at it I really don't like the tone. Maybe skip that one. ;)
These lakes and mountains are beautiful but not so easy to capture.
#2 the sky is overexposed, a solution for these very sunny day, can be the use of a circular polarizer filter, it would help to bring out the details that appear to be washed out like the far away mountains. If you would do HDR this is another solution.
#3 It solves the color problem, but I have a problem with the sky, however the scene is truly beautiful!
#4 I prefer the color version, the red canoe stands out and the blue tones are beautiful, again the circular polarizer is your solution for the washed out mountains
#5 Ma favorite composition wise, some photoshop work like levels and increase some of the contrast may help.

It is such a beautiful place
Thanks MiFleur!
I like the sky in #2 and the comp in #4. All of them make me want to go there. Other than the blown out sky I only have a couple of nit-picky things (level on #2 and wires on #1).
Same as Mi-Fleur and my favorite is actually 2, the sky is overexposed and mountains need more contrast and level in photoshop but I love the scene that you captured, it's so peaceful.
This type of shots are right up my street :)

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