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May 9, 2007
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New Zealand
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Some shots from semi-recent biking missions, mostly shot around Wellington New Zealand. I hope you enjoy, please feel free to leave any comments or crits - I'm a big boy AND CAN TAKE THEM. Haha didn't mean to caps, not used to this laptop but left them as it's kind of appropriate.

Biking + Photo's = my favourite thing ever, pity that it's so hard to combine them. I don't always want to take so much gear or stop riding haha. Not to mention convincing mates to stop and ride the same part of the trail a couple of times. Normally some energy drink bribes or beers after fixes that though...


rollers by Wozza_NZ, on Flickr


berm3 by Wozza_NZ, on Flickr

Made the best of available light, but I need a camera with better low noise and some off-camera flashes methinks...


incline by Wozza_NZ, on Flickr


koru3 by Wozza_NZ, on Flickr


pan2 by Wozza_NZ, on Flickr


mattandmutt by Wozza_NZ, on Flickr


kawakawa5 by Wozza_NZ, on Flickr

And my last bike post. ;)
The wide variety of compositions is great. When it comes to some sports (including MB), it's easy to see the same photo over and over again, with just a different athlete or a slightly different angle or framing. Here you have many different photos, all of them with a very well balanced composition. The one with the dog is spectacular and funny. In the two panning ones the moving subject is not super sharp, but is it ever? :)

Well done!
I agree with the variety of composition but the seem soft. 6 is the only sharp one.
Nice action shots, but most of them you are on the wrong side to really use the light to your advantage. If you are shooting where the subject is between you and the light set your exposure to compensate from at least 1/2 to 1 full stop over to get good lighting on the subject.

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