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Mar 13, 2009
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Here are some of my photos that I have taken over the years. I haven't played around with photoshop too much, and on most of my photos, I've only done minor adjustments since most camera software is pretty limited. Let me know what you think.

1. With Canon powershot A70. Basement of Mont St. Michel. This picture has a bunch of noise in it, but thats what you get when shooting in a dark room with little natural light and minimal flash.


2. Nikon d50. Some color and contrast adjustments.


3. Nikon D200 70-200mm .San Francisco Golden Gate Park... I know some of the highlights are blownout... I've tried to fix this in my trial edition of photoshop, and it just created grey blotches everywhere. opps.


4. Nikon D200 70-200. I just really like the texture of the water in this one. This started out with me playing around with the rule of thirds and I really liked how this turned out.

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The vaults of Mont St Michel look good. They are noisy, yes, no doubt, but given the kind of camera you had at the time, the light situation, the fact that you don't use flash in churches (at least you won't when you THINK...) all lead to your need to crank up the ISO to the maximum 400 (I think they don't go any further), which brings about an awful amount of noise with my Powershot, too!

The river looks nice, but I think you worked a little too much on the contrasts, the blacks seem to be blocking on the person and part of the background. Plus it looks sharp to extremes - maybe it's the condensation? The photo is quite small...

I don't mind the blown bits of the next photo overly much, though the subject doesn't hold my interest for very long. Don't know why, as I usually like a) the colour green (!), and b) lovely lines... (By the way, when you use the burn tool in PS, the preset opacity of 50% is way too strong and WILL give you grey blotches, you must go fairly down with it to some 12% or so and then apply. Once. Maybe twice ... depends. But like that you have some more control over it.

The last is nice, although it is a bit dark. Or seems to be. But yes, the texture of the water is nice. Reminds me of this_one of mine, even though mine was an attempt at panning, so for me the texture of the water was not so important. ;)
Thanks for the comments. I have a bunch more that I would love to read your comments on as well.

This one I just really liked the contrast between the bluesky and the white of the church. I also liked the symetry of the photo as well. Nikon d200 with 18-135mm cp


I liked the color in this... it just works for me. I'm not a huge fan of the sky, but I was about to get on another boat... also, the post in the lower left corner bugs me. The details in this photo are lost (thanks photobucket!) Nikon d200 70-200mm
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My favorite of the first set is the bottom one. The colours are pleasing to look at and I like the darkness of it.

Here: clone tool is easy and fast. Hope you dont mind but heres a 30 second job on the boat one.
Thanks Plankton. I'll have to give it a try when I get home.

I'm trying to but together a set that is worthy of hanging on my walls... I have eight frames at home that are just sitting there... some of these photos I was thinking of printing, but each time I go through them, I find something that I don't like... so I'm having a tough time coming up with a set that are consistent. I figure if I can get atleast one good shot a month, I should have enough to put something to hang up.

I've only been on here a few days now, but have been hanging around for a month or so. I've learned a lot on what to look for composition wise, and what some of the mistakes that I've made on my photos.


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