some of my first photos with my new D40 - please give CC


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Nov 26, 2007
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I got my D40 last Thursday and have already taken HUNDREDS of photos with it. I'm a beginner and am still learning the basics. Here are some of the photos I've taken so far. I know that I still suck at this, so I can take any CC given as long as no one says that I have no future in photography, because I just really couldn't handle hearing that right now.

I don't know photoshop yet, so these are BARELY edited with what little I know about iPhoto.

THANKS for looking!






6 What kind of weirdo photographs the photographers? ME.

Football game pictures are out of focus and/or blurry. Especially for a football game you'd want to kick that ISO up so you can use a faster shutter speed to capture that action. Keep on at it, and I would recommend Understanding Exposure; its a great book and should be packaged with no cameras.
No. 3 really got my attention! My suggestion is to get more photos like this!
No. 3 really got my attention! My suggestion is to get more photos like this!
I'm not in any way a photographer. Just a snapshot shooter with a couple of very old cameras. But, that no. 3 shot is all wrong. It's centered correctly, but it needs MORE MORE MORE MORE ZOOOOOOM!!!!!

I'm a sucker for a nice midrift on a female, and that was a nice midrift :D
This isn't C&C, I will leave that for others... I just thought I would show you a couple of things to think about...

One thing that a lot of beginners don't do is turn the camera vertical, or crop closely, so I edited your pictures to give you an idea of how different they could look if they were vertical and cropped a bit more closely.

Simply an FYI.




A beginner photographer here as well. How's the D40? I'm also looking into what type of equipment will suit the things i want to photograph. I'm always told to practice and also discover which type of photography I would concentrate on so as not to confuse myself with the different techniques.
Well, if that was your first time, then I will say that they turned out better than my first time... and thats a good sign. :thumbup:

As suggested, don't be afraid to do 3 things that will greatly impact the quality of your pics:

1 - Purchase Bryon Peterson's "Understanding Exposure"

2 - Take that camera off "auto" or P-mode and start playing. You will notice that at first your pics look horrible, but as you begin to understand how things work, you not only start getting pictures at a higher quality than what the camera does in P-mode, but you start to be a lot more analytical of how you take each shot. After a short while of this, it starts to become second nature. You will wonder why they even put an auto mode in there! :lol:

3 - This is the easiest and most fun part... practice, practice, practice!
11 and 14 really made me smile. I am sure someone will C&C them to death, but for me, kid pix should invoke a reaction, and they did. :)
Thanks for the feedback!

I forgot to mention that most of these were taken on auto and the ones from the game were taken from the 26th row with my 55-200 (non-VR) lens. I didn't have a tripod or monopod so that might be one reason why they're not as sharp. Also, I'm lost when it comes to cropping... how aften do you use the rule of thirds?

Even though I thought I was making the right decision to go with the D40 I ended up taking it back last night and getting a Canon Rebel XTi. I'm still not sure if that was even the right choice, but I hope it was. My main reason for doing with Nikon in the first place was because I have my father's D1X and one lens so I wanted to get a camera that could use the same lenses, flashes, etc. BUT, yesterday I found out that the D1X is broken (which was extremely dissapointing). I also bought a used 50mm 1.8 lens and realized what it's like to have to manual focus on the D40. I wasn't pleased with that.

So, after all my defending of the D40 I took it back. We'll see how it goes with the XTi!

By going with the xti you will have a lot greater lens selection.
Also the pics above looked pretty good for the first week you've had the camera.

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