some pics of my bro at the local foundry


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Mar 25, 2006
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thought I'd share, I haven't posted in awhile and finally got back out with some black and white film,....





And as what are these nice photos here now? As snapshots? Or even as bloopers? Nah, the latter sure doesn't apply and I doubt the first really does. Don't you want them in Portraits?
But you should edit some spaces in between each of the pics, please!?!? Else I could do that for you.
i guess you could move them to portraits....i just wanted to see what everyone thought as far as composition is concerned. If you would please move them, I'd appreciate it.
Your composition is fine here. Better than fine. ;)

I'm really loving #3. :thumbup: They all have a casual, great urban feel to them.

One distraction for me is that magenta cast that is peeping through. It could be my bad work monitor, but I'm wishing I could see these in straight B&W.

And I'm moving this thread to portaits, since that's what they are, and very good ones! :)
thanks. These are actually his senior portrait pictures. He didn't like the people at the studio places,..(I don't blame him). Plus he's a hard person to photograph naturally. He can smile, but you can tell its fake. This entire shoot, I had to basically make him laugh in order to get any sort of smile out of him. But being his brother, it was a bonding moment I guess as well. #4 is a shot of both us together. Gotta love camera timers! :thumbs up:
Composition wise, #3 is a killer! :thumbup:
I think 3 and 5 are really cool. They are the most interesting to me. However, if you need something for the yearbook, they might not work (unless the school is cool and doesn't mind!)

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