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Jan 4, 2008
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Northwest Territories, Canada
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All these tree pictures were taken with my XTi & 18-55mm kit lens, the moon pictures were my XTi & 75-300 zoom lens. There hasn't been any post production editing done besides cropping the moon pictures. Let me know your C&C.






Your pictures are orange. I know street lights in North America are that color, but there's still ways to compensate for the coloring - I will do one for you later, and tell you how I did it.

The moon shots are ho-hum. It's the moon, close up. Always nice, but ultimately there's no context or setting, so it's a little boring. Technically it's pretty soft compared to the millions of high-power high-res images that are available, so when working with a consumer camera you're usually better off shooting in a creative way. Keep the moon the main subject, but have it be in an image together with a mountain-top, a church spire, or the silhouette of a guy with a werewolf mask.
Thanks for the comment.
I did change the color on of the light in some of the other pictures but I like how this orange light looks saturating the tree's. Ya the moon is... the moon. Since the land here is flat its hard to give it context to go with it. Also this was the first time I have shot the moon. I was taking some shots and recording the settings needed to get a clear image for the up coming Lunar Eclipse.
What are the settings? There's no exif data. I've gotten a few moon shots that are sharper than your results with my $200 non-dSLR camera (38-380 fixed lens). What shutter speed because I was able to handhold 1/320 with my camera and get a clearer shot. Try bracing yourself, your arms, or the camera against something to hold it steadier. A tripod is needed for the best shots of the moon, but I don't have one myself either.
What are the settings?

They were shot on a tripod & the settings were f/5.6 1/320. I think it lost sharpness since there was a light whiff of cloud covering the moon which I wasn't able to capture no matter what I did. Maybe it was to thin... Tonight is the first night since I bought my camera that I've been able to see the moon. Gotta love Northern Canada winters... :p

Another factor is maybe the lens fogged slightly. It is -30C outside here right now, so I can't exactly sit out there for a long time messing around unless I want to freeze.

Thanks for the reply's :D

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