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Aug 22, 2010
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Ogden, Utah
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First post I thought I would grab a few random I like, make sure I know how to upload and see what you all think. as for size I could not find a list on the forum with format and size restrictions so I tried to keep width to 800 and image size between 200 -300KB if theres a list could someone link to it.

Dave Smith






Thanks for the comment, After poking around a little on TPF I relized I should have posted these in the beginners area. A mod could move it if needed.

Anyway any C&C welcome

Moved, as you wished.

The first is slightly out of focus, and the lighting is - excuse the word - horrible (to my mind, never forget that all the "critique" we offer is very, very subjective!). I don't know what flash you used and where it was, but it sure doesn't do your chameleon any justice.

The second shows a pretty plant, but it is underexposed (looks like that could be remedied in post-processing) and fairly centrally composed (subject in the middle of your photo).

The guitar photo isn't too bad, though I feel there's too much foreground, and all in all it is the kind of photo every beginner takes when they detect shallow DOF (and have a guitar - the others make use of walls or fences or park benches for this).

Even to me, the forum's resident LOVER of the colour green in nature, the third is still boring, lacking in subject, and apparently taken with the camera in AUTO mode, with the flash firing against the near shadowy areas. Says "snapshot" to me...

The sky is too dark. Some post processing can do wonders here, I am sure. But I also feel you have too little "anchor" for that sky at the bottom, just a bit more land would have been better.

I like the waterfall best of all!
But that, too, could do with some brightening (maybe only upping the contrasts some?) in post.
These are my favs with just a little PP to bring out their potential!

Good shots! Hope to see more! Work on your focus and read your manual, I'm sure you can turn down the power of the flash. :)


First thank you LaFoto for moving my post.

1. was taken before I even knew how to manualy focus my camera and I just now
found the brightness control for the flash and it's not very user friendly to change
between shots if needed.

3. yea I was playing with DOF or trying at least

2. 4. 5. and six were taken on a hike the same day a couple of weeks ago
and is when I decided I realy wanted to inprove my photography. I took
a few of photos of the same scenes changing different settings EV +-,
normal-vivid color and such and knew then I had to find help

Thank you all for the detailed comments & "critique" and I know everting is subjective but it helps me alot.
i like them i really wish 3's focus was closer instead of far just doesnt fit my eye right

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