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Dec 3, 2007
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1. what do you all recomend for shilloette pictures? how do i get the best look.
like so.

i mean that photo is okay, i dont like the quality but how do i master that lighting.

2.what are the basic foundations that you think make a great photograph. etc etc

3. i have photoshop 2, do you recomend any other programs?

4. what is a website where i can learn the basics of photoshop? ...layers..channels...etc etc

5. what do you think are some basic tips for a SELF PORTRAIT?

6. what are tips for 360 degree panorama?

7. what are tips for infrared?

8. what is exposure, aperture,....and composition?

9. when you make your own lightbox or lighting eqiptment what is the position you should hold it in against the light?
The questions you ask would encompass several books.

start with Understanding Exposure by Bryon Peterson... that books explains most of your quesitons.

Google AUTOSTITCH for a panorama pic modifier.

For strobost information, visit the STROBIST blog website. Search this site for the URL.
It takes quite awhile to get a good understanding of photoshop..Least for me.

I made a lightbox, but i don't exactly understand what your asking. What position should you hold what in?

I don't have any info on infrared.

Exposure - Light allowed in to sensatize your film/chip.

Aperture - the size of the lens opening

Composition - Eh, kinda forgot that one from my last photography test, i believe it is the arrangement of visual elements within the frame.

But those are literal terms. I'm sure there's is somethign on google for layman's terms.
All I can suggest (mostly so because it is the path I went) is PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. If you have the time, and there is no school assignment making you hurry up, just spend TIME on your photography and TRY THIS and TRY THAT.

In your example photo, you can see that the only light source that was being used was placed BEHIND the subject. Take your desk lamp, take any object (assuming you cannot easily find a female person wanting to model for you in the nude!?!?!) and play with the light. Place them here, and there, use one or more, diffuse them by letting them shine through paper (assistent!!! holding the paper far enough away from the bulb so it won't catch fire) and and and.


And have FUN with your photography!

As to the self portraits... my daughter is just now going through a stage of wanting to take self-portraits. As a means of self-expression, I understand. She borrows the little Powershot (without asking me ... :confused: ) and my tripod, and goes into her room and ... PLAYS.

Not all is perfect, but she uses the camera as a toy (she is only 14). And she uses Photoshop as a toy, likewise. And learns to find her ways through the programme faster than I do.

No stressing over results, just playing. I feel that might be a good approach.
I'd suggest getting your head wrapped around #8 before starting on any of the other subjects you asked about, as it's the 'bread and butter' of photography. It's all stuff that can be easily googled, with lots of great references out there - also use the search feature of these forums.

LaFoto has great advice as well, that's how I'm learning - find webpages / books dealing with compensation, aperture, shutter speed and the like, take a flick through them, then get out and snap photos, change settings, and snap more photos of the same things, sit down later and analyse them, see what difference the changes made. Keep taking photos!

And have fun of course - if it's not fun, there's no point in doing it is there? :)
Once one gets their head around the basics of aperture, ISO, shutter speed and has spent a leisurely afternoon going through the "Understanding Exposure" book, thats when the real playing starts.

I'm at the point now where as I read here and there, I give myself small challenges. Playing with the small starburst effects at full wide apertures, liquid or water in motion, 3-point lighting and many other things.

My latest "game" was commercial style photos limited to 1 single off camera light source and as I moved things around and played with variations, I learned a lot. I basically asked my self what kind of pictures would I take if I wanted to sell something on Ebay, and off I went to play.

LaFoto hit a very strong point. It is all about playing a LOT and having fun, but in a way that you always learn a new aspect about your equipment and/or photography., not just pressing the shuter for the sake of pressing it... have a goal each time you pick up the camera.
thanks everyone! yes i am doing this for fun because its just a hobby im not taking any classes or anything but i may want to minor in it in college because im going to be a film major. the 2 go kind of hand in hand. well thaanks for everyones advice!:hail:

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