Some recent botanicals

1 and 3 are fantastic. Very striking species.
Stunning photos, really great DoF and color.
Stunning photos, really great DoF and color.

Thanks.... this is one of the few times I really thought shooting in full sun worked well for the shots. I've learned that yellow flowers (and white) tend to reflect light and look as if they're glowing. It does blow out the highlights, but if you can look past that I think they're pretty good. It's hard to believe how far I've come in four months. Lol... my first flower shot. Man. So bad. Let me find it so we can all laugh til our sides hurt.
I liked 3707, the lilly shot, the most. Lovely colors, nice rendering.
I see what you mean by you've come a long way, the shots are great. really like number 5 with the contrast of colour against white.

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