Some shots (mixed)

That's a nice series. I think the last one is my favorite, and the first, my least. The first one, I find the weeds at the front distracting. I thought at first it was a waterfall, and couldn't figure out why it didn't look right, then I looked closer and saw they were weeds.

The second picture, you've got nice DOF on the buds in the front.
nice bokeh
I like 2 and 3 a lot. The color and composition in 2 and the bokeh in 3.

1 is a bit boring, sorry...
Thank you very much.

I knew I had not to send the first one with the others: it is too cold :D. However I like to take pictures of geometrical effects, patterns, etc (I do not know the name for that kind of graphical pictures in English: in Italy we call them "grafismi"). In fact, #1 should be titled "Lines".

#2 and #3 are made with a Zenitar 1.9/50, remained from the times I owned (and used) a Zenit camera. A fixed objective helped with bokeh (both were tests made looking mainly at background...).
#1 has (or had) potential. Not sure I like the angle it was shot from; the top edge of the bridge is not separated from the background very well, so it seems a bit flat and confusing. But I like the bottom 2/3rds very much.
The top shot would be better, in my opinion, if the deck had ended within the frame, giving some sort of closure and allowing your eyes to rest.
Thats funny... I like #1. The grass makes the water look like it is falling like a waterfall
I too thought number one was a waterfall at first. Actually I like it, but I think it would be stronger if the deck was running diagonally from the bottom corner through the frame.
Thank you all.
What I understood is that in #1 elements are more or less ok, but composition does not render an idea. I like it, but of course is not sufficient :D. By the way, having been there, I'm in no way able to figure it as a waterfall...

Regarding #2 and #3, I agree bokeh is a little harsh, but I liked the "impressionist" effect. I should have others of #3 with more closed diaphragm ( I did many attempts), from which I chose this one for that. Perhaps also light contributed (it was just after noon).
I like #1. If printed larger there would be no issues about various elements not being clear. I agree with previous comments that the composition needs something and I want to see more of the curve on the right. This might detract from the "lines" theme, but it's possible it might actually accentuate it.
KenC: I have another picture with curve in the middle, but the water effect is less clear. Anyway, thanks. Unfortunately that place is about 2000km far from me, if not I would come back to try again :D .

Shooting again is something I do when I can: ten months ago I took a picture in a vineyard which was nice from the composition and fall color point of view, but slightly blurred (no tripod, and among the first taken with dSLR). In my calendar, I wrote down the date to come back in the same conditions and take another....

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