Some shots with my new flash


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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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This is just shoe mount with the 430exll. Tons better.
CC if if you like too. I posted on the beginner forum but it gets bumped down so fast. Ill just stick to here for my post now. lol.
1. 90mm dcr-250

2. 90mm and dcr-250

Both are just cropped a little to get rid of dead space. other then that im trying to get it good out of the camera. I have PS but didnt really use it. This is the way it looked when i shot it. Tiny bit flat but oh well..

Ok i had to edit. Its tuff to get good quality out of the camera but im going to keep trying!
Here are the edits!


Thanks for looking!
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78 views and no comments. always looking for improvment.
I like the first shot, good depth of field, and darn sharp. I also like the subtle tones, which is the reason I am not a fan of the last two; they're a bit too overdone and bright for my taste.
Thanks, Dominantly
I figured no one was responding because they were not PSed lol. Thats why i did it. I try to keep it un PSed and right out of the camera.
People wont comment because they most likely come into the thread, see the shots and have no real opinion. SO they don't really see anything technically wrong, and then at the same time they don't feel a connection.

So they view, and then leave.
lol yeah true. Well atleast my computer isnt broken.
I always have liked your avatar BTW :)

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