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Feb 21, 2007
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1. Retired

2. Having a discussion

3. Enjoying the sun

4. Tunnel

What do you think? Subjects interesting enough? B&W conversion ok?
I think they're great. I like the composition, you've shown a nice definition of size perspective with the people versus the buildings that are around them. I like the lines and the way you've shown texture. Nice job.
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I think all very nice.Last one is my favorite. I am really loving the noise in that one.
They all look great I think retired would be my personal favorit but I would maybe crop it down from the top a little to get rid of the window ledge.

The subjects are great and really interesting in my humble oppinion and the B&W conversions are spot on. I would love to see more.
4 is definitely my favourite - I'm a sucker for leading lines (and the ones in 4 are very powerful!).
thanks for the comments and suggestion everyone, much appreciated.

@SympL: it was indeed difficult lighting, problem is that mid-day and afternoon are the periods where there are more people on the streets (=more stuff to shoot). that and getting out of bed earlier on a day off is not possible :)

and one more (not 100% sharp round the face though):
Excellent series, Ernie, each image tells its own story and tones are suberb!
Funny, because just last week I was experimenting myself with street photography. Quite a learning curve for me and it can be quite intimidating for the photographer when people catch you trying to photograph them. :(
I always find big city people photography interesting. I live in a very small town (pop. 400) and I see the same people everyday and your series is very interesting and fun to look at for someone like me. My favorite is #2. You caught a great pose in that one.
These are well done. Candid shots of people have a lot of appeal.
very nice job. I think #3 is my favorite. Her face looks sorta pained, I suppose the sun could be making her squint, but it has a neat feel to it!
Great job. You balanced the dark shadows and strong highlights very well.

Street photog is always interesting to look at.
thanks for the comments everyone! street photography in a big city is indeed fun to do. there's always so much going on, and taking out one small moment in all that activity can give very interesting results.
i live in a small town as well, but luckily i live in a small country and everything here in Flanders is so crammed together, i can be in any major city within the hour.

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