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Aug 6, 2007
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So I'm at a dilemma here and I come to you good people of the forum.
I'm looking to get either a good telephoto or macro lens. Around the price of $300, are there any good lenses out there. Being this is only my second lens for my Rebel XT (first being the standard 18-55mm) I don't think it needs to be outstanding.

Now personally, I would like a macro lens but from my research I can't find anything under 500 (unless you tell me otherwise). So I figured a telephoto lens would be good for some great bird shots (I'm in an area where there's all sorts of beautiful cardinals and blue jays during the spring).

I know there are other lenses besides Canon I could go with but in all honesty don't know where to begin in my search.
How about a Sigma 70-300 Apo DG? its around 220 on BH Photo, ive read a lot of good things about it, (which is why i just bought it :D) AND it has macro capability in the 200-300 range. A good beginner zoom/macro lens for a amateur like me in my opinion. If you want some reading, go here
sigma has a 70-300 f4-5.6 surely not a fast lens but it seems to have good reviews and is 200$
for 300 you can't get an IS or L series so i've heard that going with other brands is better then canon, but i have no idea other then what i've heard.

gwag beat me to it! haha
Any of the above, or go to eBay and get a good used version of whatever you want. I've seen decent macro lenses under $200 there.
Lots of options here that have me interested.

Anyone have any sample shots they'd like to show of the
Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM Macro?

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