Someone is telling me I need an attorney


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Oct 9, 2011
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I received this email earlier today. I don't know anything about him and I don't know why he's telling me I need an attorney. I haven't sold any of my pictures or taken any without consent outside of public areas. This guy is scaring me. What could it be about?

Doesn't sound like the kind of thing I would reply to. I'd probably SPAM flag something like this if I received it.

"Hey it's really important! But I won't tell you who I am or what it's about"... what? dude doesn't even say who he is when you ask...
Sounds fishy. Tell him if it's a legal matter to have his lawyer contact you, rather than him.
Spammer / scammer. Fuhgedabowdit.
I'd send it to the trash can.
Yup. My dad cooked Spam 3 meals a week when I was a kid. I can't stand the stuff, but I can recognize the smell of it anywhere, and that's definitely SPAM...
Looks like BS to me. Spam and delete it. Don't respond to it.
What are you all talking about?!?! Spam? Seriously?? No!! This is not a light subject.Jk it's spam :)
Sounds legit, you better get an attorney. Or, you could spam the living crap out of him right back. Send his own name to him about 5 million times and lock out his phone.
Spam...spam...spam! No professional law firm will contact you via email using "kiddy dialogue" like that......totally unprofessional. Send it to your trash bin.
I'd go along with it and see what his scam is. He's going to say something to the effect that he wants to purchase rights to publish... blah blah blah and you need to be represented... blah blah blah... check for mega amount... Oops, it was more than it should be, please refund the very LARGE difference...
My Layer's name is Helen Wait.....if you have a problem go to Helen Wait!

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