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Aug 10, 2005
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So after binging for two days, I decided to stay in Saturday.

I got bored and did a little something that might be the start of a new use for my camera....

Wait till it loads and then refresh.
thebeginning said:
haha that's awesome. is it still images?

Yep. With my Canon 300D.

Got another one coming up too.

Stay tuned.
So did you actually make it out of your bed then?
For this little "film strip" (;) :D) is a bit of a "cliff-hanger" here :greenpbl:
But cool it is, no doubt! :D
Ok, so HOW exactly do you do that? I have a 300D...I can figure out how you shot the second, but HOW did you do the first? You were in did you get it to just keep continually shooting like that? Unless you had someone else which case, I can figure that out, too. :p
I have a remote for the camera.

put the camera on a tripod, and then moved a bit in every shot. Took a while, but I was determined.
bace said:
I have a remote for the camera.

put the camera on a tripod, and then moved a bit in every shot. Took a while, but I was determined.

That's what I kinda sorta figured, but I wasn't sure. :p Sweet! :)
very cool...has potential for some great short film idea's.... i once made a two min short film with soundtrack all using stills, on my degree year.... its a great medium for animation too. good job here base :thumbup:
Yeah, these were basically test shots for something I'd really like to work on. Making a short film like that would be really cool.
yea i'd like to do it again, trouble is i was using some good software on my old mac that made it simple to put one together and edit a soundtrack, now i'm on pc and not sure if i'v got anything that i can edit sound to...... must be a free one out there somewere tho.
Unimaxium said:
That reminds me of this movie. Shot with a 20D in burst mode. the idea isn't so damn original. Fak.

That's really choppy though. If I make something, I wanna make it as smooth as possible. Use tripod and other devised methods to make the camera movement minimal.
you should do that, it would be awesome. what software are you using to set up the animation afterwards?

a tripod would help alot i'm sure. might take away that 'being there' feel a bit, but whatever.

for alot of video smoothness you'll want at least 10-15 frames a second, preferably 20. that's alot. currently, film is shot at 29.997 fps. HD is a little different, because it actually does twice as much as it needs to then splices itself together, but that's another story. i'd say keep it somewhere around 5, that's alot easier.

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