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Feb 1, 2006
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This falls under you learn something new everyday. I have no interest in this business whatsoever just found it an interesting thing and yes I use it now.

I was looking for a website that was FREE.. it isnt a business with me anymore so I tried to find one that wouldn't charge me to host it. I came up with this site.... but i didnt really like the name it sounds so FREE... Careful... Cheap.... so I decided what the heck Ill break down and pay for a site even thought it goes against my grain. Hey the web is supposed to be free.

I was looking for a place to register a domain when I came across this this is a service that redirects the viewer seemlessly to the original site but doesn't look as though it is a free site. Now I had no idea such a thing existed. Yes I paid under two bucks to have the service. I think it might be a yearly charge but what the heck I quit smoking so I need to spend the money anyway. So anyway learned something new today ..

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