something "loose" inside the camera when you slightly shake it


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Dec 9, 2020
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I recently dropped my EOS R6 camera to the floor. I checked and I heard something "loose" inside the camera when:
you remove the lens.
place the body cap back on the camera
position the camera in your hand with the camera cap facing up
and you gently shake the camera from side to side.

I took it to the canon service center and they say the camera is working fine. I asked a friend of mine who recently purchased the same R6 camera, and he says he also hears as if something were loose inside the camera. If this is the case, why do R6 cameras have something "lose" inside when you gently shake the camera from side to side? is this the ibis?

Thank you
I believe the R6 has In-Body Image Stabilizer. It is mechanical so my guess is this may be what you hear?

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