Something unique: Fluorescent Plankton in Cambodia


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Apr 14, 2013
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Holla! Sorry for not logging in enough in the past few weeks, had some internet access issues.

I spent the last month living and travelling around Cambodia, had some great adventures, met some incredible people and captured some pretty memorable moments in my camera, but this one was by far the best from the tour.


For those who don't know, the islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samleom in Cambodia have fluorescent plankton in the ocean which light up when the water is disturbed. I took this shot in a moonless night, a composite, the ocean with an 8 minute exposure to get the fluorescent plankton properly. The blue patches on the ocean are the plankton lighting up due to the big waves disturbing the water.

I was very satisfied with the results, but as this was my first serious composite I'd really appreciate some feedback.
Oh wow, great shot Raj.
Really nice shot, well done.

That's brilliant
I'd remove the (4) lights on the horizon.
Glad to have my friend back. :)
The image looks surreal..........
Thanks Jasii ji, good to be finally back! :D I'm quite proud of the image myself :p
Oh wow, great shot Raj.
Thanks goooner! :D
Really nice shot, well done.
Thanks Dave, appreciate it! :)
Wow Raj! Looks amazing!
Thanks BrickHouse! :)
That's brilliant
Thanks Jaomul :)

I'd remove the (4) lights on the horizon.
Hmm.. Don't know why I didn't think of it, I'll give it a try. Thanks Braineack! :)
That is incredible Raj!
Very nice! I know the ISO was probably pushed up a bunch, but maybe you could try luminance masking on the foreground water to help with noise?

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