Somewhere in Shinuku


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Jan 5, 2013
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Went to Japan over the summer and took this picture. Can't remember where this was exactly, but I think I was in the Shinjuku district. Just looking for some general CC. Thanks.

Over-all, I like this shot...perhaps it's just that whole "foreign land" thing for me, but I think the shot has a great deal of visual interest...lots for the eye to explore. I do think I would probably play with the crop a bit...perhaps take just a little off the right side and the bottom of the image. I like the way the elements there frame the central portion of the image, but I think there's too much darkness going on around the sides and bottom...just a little too much visual contrast there. If this was shot in RAW, I also might be tempted to play with the fill light just a bit as well (or perhaps "Shadows & Highlight" in Photoshop)....I think it would be interesting to see a few variations here.

As always, just my own opinion.

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