Sony DSC-F707

The 717 is great too.. It has better white balance, but the colours are less saturated than the 707.

The lenses on these cameras are great, probably the best in the prosumer category.

The cons are simple:

-38mm is not wide enough
-Sony memory is expensive
-autofocus is not fast enough
-EVF makes focussing difficult
-love it or leave it shape
I would love to have the f-717. I have a sony s-85 right now; its a nice camera, but the f717 is the bigdaddy that I've had my eye on for quite some time. Anyone wanna buy my s-85!!!! Johnny, do you have any add-on lenses? looks really nice! I wonder what the pricetag is on that? I actually just bought the 717 yesterday, its on its way UPS. Now I want that one! Its just never enough is it.

Thanks for the update enigma...What do you shoot with?
Those are nice cameras. My parents bought the 707 a while back, I love going over and borrow it. I got the S85 right now.
The S-85 is a nice camera. I'll miss it I'm sure, but I've always wanted to get ahold of that f717. do any of you sell any of your work? If so, where? and how. I'm not ready yet...but soon.
I had a 717, it broke (my fault :) )
I ordered a 10d, but canceled the nextday after finding out about the 300d. I have not bought anything yet. I just cant stop buying old film stuff (old land cameras and just ordered a hogla) At the same time setting up a darkroom....

maybe someday I will get around to buying a digital agian.

PS I think price on 828 is going to $800-$1000 I think, I dont remember where I saw it though.
about 7-8 months ago I went digital photogaphy. My first digital camera was Cyber Shot DSc-P8. I just love it, but since I went to and found out about their digital cameras- my dream was cyber shot f717. I wanted to buy it all the time, but decided to learn how to work with digital cameras on a simple camera I feel like it's time to "upgade" myself and my photo-equipment. I do not feel like it's time to go very high and buy a Nikon or Canon camera, but I've heard so many good stuff about f717, that I can't sleep now- I want it sooo bad! :lol:
I was just trying to get in touch with those folks, who already ownes f717 and can give me couple advicies. Here they are! Do you also have any lenses for your camera( f717)? Are they from Sony company? And how do they work, i mean, should I buy one too- will they help me to get to the most deep camera secrets? Do you know any other lenses' companies that make lenses for Sony CS f717 and how do they work? I am also just totally in love in macro, so I am wondering how does this camera work? I've heard so much good words about Sony's CSh.. doing macro shoots....
Thanx to everybody! ;-)
Will come soon with more questions!
ps: and I saw their new camera Sony DSC-F828 on e-bay for $825...It looks cool....
Yourslicka, to answer your questions:

I do not have any lenses for the 717 (the base lens is not removable) because each lens, teleconversion and wide angle, is $300 from Sony and I don't really trust lenses from any other company for this camera (if there are any).

As for macro, I only have a few complaints. Usually it is somewhat hard for me to take macro shots with this camera since the subject has to be nearly touching the lens while I'm fully zoomed out. Otherwise the subject immediately blurs since the focus changes when zoomed. Occasionally, the huge lens causes a shadow on whatever you are shooting, and the pop-up flash doesn't help much in macro situations.

Besides all this, I absolutely love this camera! The quality is so much better than my old Olympus C-3000. However, I still take the Olympus when I need to be stealthy, such as on NYC streets :D The 717 is just too bulky. It is very comfortable to hold though.

One flaw I personally dislike is the light metering. I usually adjust aperture/speed to get a +0.3 or +0.7 EV because 0 EV on this camera is just waaay too dark. The LCD may confuse people too because it always projects the image much brighter than what you would see when you upload it to a computer.

Looking forward to getting an 828.
I have the OLD Sony DSC-D770...basically the first digital SLR (predates the F707) with the exception of interchangeable lenses.

it's a great camera and even though it's only 1.5 megapixels, it still produces great pictures (somewhat undersaturated, but that's what AUTO LEVELS in Photoshop is for).
Hello.... I just bought the F828 and used it for the first time tonight shooting an amateur boxing tournament........ I'm very new at this and I'm embarrased to say I came home with about 8 pictures, none of which were remotely close to usable.
Every time I'd try to get a shot between the ropes the camera's auto focus would catch one of the ropes and focus in on it...... complete disaster.

Taking shots outdoors today was a snap and every photo came out better than I ever expected so I was really looking forward to this event..... Oh well.... Its probably more me than the camera.

Tons and tons of features. It'll take me a while to learn how to use it properly. I am beginning to wonder if I should have bought a less expensive 35mm with a few different lenses....
I saw the DSC-F828 on ebay for $879.00, with free shipping. I almost pissed myself!
But it is a beauty. I'll just be happy with my G5.
I generally don't like Sonys, but it's truly lovely.
Me, th eFLea

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